Thursday, 20 October 2011

Aliases/Visions Live

On the 30th September, Aliases and Visions were halfway through their “Safer than Home” tour round the UK and they were in full swing.

Kicking off the night were Surfaces, who were unfortunately playing with a sub-bassist, but still managed to kick the night off to a rocking start. It was a bit of a slow crowd to begin with as there were only 4 people including myself, but after the first song, the crowd picked up quite a bit. The music was a bit of a departure from the rest of the bill, as was more straight ahead Death Metal than more Technical stuff, but gave it a bit of variety. Apart from a few niggling sound problems the band played very well, especially considering that the bassist was a sub. My only complaint is that the band didn’t move around on stage at all apart from the vocalist, but as I said, considering there was a sub, it’s understandable.

Margot Kidder were 2nd on and they played music in the same vein as Surfaces, but managed to pull more of a crowd and have more of a stage presence, interacting more with the crowd and having a fair bit of stage movement. It also helped that Margot Kidder managed to get a better sound quality than Surfaces. The crowd seemed to really enjoy it and get moving.

Visions were main support and they completely blew the previous two bands out of the water, with some amazing crowd interaction and some good movement on stage. It looked like they were really enjoying themselves, which for me, is important for a band. If there not enjoying it, then why should the audience. In this case, the band was loving it and the crowd were loving it as well, as they were moving and having fun. My only complaint was that I just couldn’t feel the bass, but apart from that, it was a brilliant set from Visions, with most off their set being taken from their Debut album Home.

Aliases, the headliners, were absolutely amazing, starting off killer and only improving as the night went on. Jay got his vocals just right and the switching between screamed and clean vocals were amazingly tight. Also seeing such technicality being pulled off live flawlessly quite literally blew my mind, having an eargasm right there. They managed to pull the biggest crowd off the night, but as the venue was tiny, quite literally a glorified pub gig and hidden in the depths of Wolverton, it wasn’t a huge crowd which disappointed me quite a bit. They are definitely a band I will be checking out again live.

Overall it was an amazing night and the music was absolutely first class. My only real disappointment was that the venue was so small and the bands deserved a bigger stage and a bigger crowd.

Overall- 4/5

Surfaces- 3/5
Margot Kidder- 3/5
Visions- 4/5
Aliases- 5/5

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