Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Echoes- With an Eye to the Shoreline and A Hand to the Sea- Review

Echoes have just released a preview to their new album With an Eye to the Shoreline and a Hand to the sea for FREE!! So Metal Junkie has gone out of our way to review it.

At first listen I have to say that I am pretty impressed by it. Describing themselves as Ambient and Epic, the music itself has a purely cinematic feel, which you can feel working its way through you, relaxing you. However the vocals offer an extreme juxtaposition to this feeling with screamed lyrics over the top, but surprisingly it works well.

This is the sound of an act that is up and coming and offering something a little different to the norm. At only 15 minutes in length it offers up an enticing preview listen to their forthcoming album and gives fans something to be excited about.

This is a very exciting preview and I am definitely looking forward to hearing the full-length, the only thing I wish was that they offered up some clean singing over it, as the screamed vocals do get a little tiring after a while.


Sunday, 25 March 2012


'White Compass' the new track by Hertfordshire based hard rock outfit Thousand Autumns is due to go live for stream on Monday 26th via their Facebook, this track is the opening track of the new highly anticipated EP titled 'Chasing Boats' due to be released this summer. 

White Compass fuses punchy riffs with melodic rock and hardcore elements to deliver the perfect opening to any EP.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Australian metallers ELYSIAN stream entire debut album ‘Wires of Creation’ online

Melbourne based melodic deathers ELYSIAN, have streamed their stunning debut album, ‘Wires of Creation’, for FREE today, via metal website No Clean Singing. The album storms its way through eleven tracks of hook laden, flowing dark melodies, technical solo interludes and snarlingly evil vocal work and is released worldwide on Monday, March 26th.

The band are keen to not be lumped in as just another melodic death metal band, as guitarist Gabe Hutchinson explains: “Our main goal was to create a dynamic experience from start to finish whilst maintaining heavy songs. Overall it's a really heavy melodic death album but at times soars into things like an instrumental Pink Floyd-esque song with an electronic feel or a intricate percussive section. As a band, we grew up listening to music that incorporated acoustic ballads with blazing shred songs all in the one album, and it wasn't called progressive; it was called a good album. Some bands aim to have their songs sound disjointed by dramatically switching between genres; that’s not what we have done, the whole album flows, it attacks and it releases, its aggressive but gives you time to breath and take it in.”

LISTEN TO THE ALBUM FOR FREE HERE: http://www.nocleansinging.com/2012/03/23/full-album-stream-elysians-wires-of-creation/

Wires of Creation track-listing:

1) Mans Design
2) Sigma
3) Climb from Fear
4) Eternal Breath
5) Sense Offender
6) The Gate
7) Play the Hand
8) Calming the Storm (instrumental)
9) Conquest
10) Machine
11) A Cry from Helplessness
             I. Remorse
            II. The choice
           III. The Fall

The album will be available via iTunes and all good digital retailers, check out the bands Facebook page for full details. ELYSIAN are currently working on a video and will then hit the road in April with an Australian tour in support of their album. ELYSIAN will also support Arch Enemy in Melbourne on April 31.


Collisions release their Scuzz charting debut video online as they hit the road in Europe with HED PE

“Collisions are f*cking AWESOME!”
Beez, Scuzz TV 

Recorded at Black Hangar Studios with Metal Wasp Media [Protest The Hero, Acoda] and Digby Milner [Harry Potter, Star Wars], "Believe in This" by DnB-metallers Collisions has been released online, following a highly successful run on Scuzz TV, reaching No 8 in the charts.

View the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-tlmvtJl8g

The band are currently on tour with HED PE in europe, check them out on one of the following dates:

18 Mar, The Hydrant, Brighton, UK
20 Mar, L´empreinte, Savigny le Temple, France
21 Mar, Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht, The Netherlands
22 Mar, Nieuwe Nor, Herleen, The Netherlands
23 Mar, Orange Peel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
24 Mar, Headcrash, Hamburg, Germany
25 Mar, Cassiopeia, Berlin, Germany
26 Mar, Undeground, Cologne, Germany
28 Mar, Universum, Stuttgart, Germany
29 Mar, Abart Music AG, Zurich, Switzerland
30 Mar, Bloom, Milan, Italy


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hammerfest 4 review

Having returned from a weekend of metal in the North of Wales (Prestatyn to be precise) it was incredibly difficult to get back in the swing of things after such an amazing weekend. However trying to review one festival by oneself is nearly impossible, so for the most part as I focus on a lot of underground bands than the main big ones. I mean everyone knows how good Anthrax and Chimaira are live, so focused on the smaller bands such as Achren and Slam Cartel.

So first up on the Thursday night for the pre-party Firebrand Super Rock I am guessing weren’t to happy about being put on as the first band off the bill as it was the time when check-in was officially meant to start, so later on in the evening they pulled their van round to the chalet’s to play their own very special show for us. For me this was one of the definite highlights off the weekend as it was one of the most unexpected moments off the weekend. It also turned me onto them, so their plan definitely worked.

Following on from them, I headed over the Stage 2 and watched Dirty DC (8). With their full dress up with the school boy outfit, they really looked the part. They sounded extremely good but they are a cover band, and to headline the first night off the festival, it feels like a slight rip-off.

Friday night is where the real fun begins, and the first band I get over to see is Arthemis (9) on the 2nd stage. They were amazing and the vocals were absolutely spot on, which for power metal, is generally quite hard. These are definitely a band to watch.

Following on, and opening up the main stage were Diamond Plate (5) who for being only 18-19 and opening up the main stage it is quite a mean feat, and maybe the band weren’t ready for it, as they seemed a little lost on stage.

Slam Cartel (7) were on at the same time as Waylander and Chimaira, so they lost quite a lot of their crowd to these bands. Which is a shame as their energetic brand of southern rock was pretty good. Some parts were slightly off key and they have some pretty damn good songs.

Following on were Paradise Lost (8) who were really good, but they unfortunately lacked a lot of stage presence, but with their style of music, it wasn’t really needed. Played a lot of their classics mixed in with some of their newer works.

Anthrax were on after but I made the strategic decision to go see Achren (10) who for me were the highlight of the weekend. It was just unfortunate they lost a lot of their crowd to Anthrax as they were absolutely intense and brutal.

Following on were British thrash up and comers Evile (9) who are becoming quite a name on the live scene. My only disappointment for them was the fact that they played the exact same set as when I saw them last back in December.

Saturday kicked off with Cerebral Bore (7) who hadn’t slept since playing in Northen Ireland the previous night, so this wasn’t their best show and they cut the set short which was hugely disappointing.

Following on were Senser (3) who were absolutely horrendous, the only good thing about them were the riffs, but apart from that, I couldn’t stand them.

After taking a little break from the bands to go and get some food, I headed over to the 2nd stage to go and see Mortad (8) who were on top form, but they lost their crowd to Dream Evil which was disappointing. It was an extremely intense show but ended up with Somi sounding like she was losing her voice.

After missing Dream Evil I went and saw Amon Amarth (7) who whilst putting on a good show, could have done with better sound.

Finishing off the night and the weekend were Skindred (10) who had the crowd acting like putty in their hands. Benji was on absolutely top form and they absolutely killed the whole festival.

When Sunday came around it was time to head off home and back to normality with a 4 hour train journey. This was definitely one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. 

Ghost Music signees Silent Screams, Essex boys Our People Versus Yours and Aussie newcomers Villa Rise announce UK tour in May

"The music on display is damn near flawless”
Pete Withers, Rock Sound

Silent Screams hit the road throughout the UK this May in support of their debut album “When It Rains”, out now on Ghost Music, and take Our People Versus Yours and Australian hardcore newcomers Villa Rise along for the ride.

The bands will play their emotive hardcore across the UK on 13 clubs dates and also appear at this year’s Ghostfest in June, alongside Emmure, All Shall Perish,Comeback Kid and many more.


May 1 – Joiners, Southampton
May 2 – The Riverside, Selby
May 3 – The Crispin Club, Kettering
May 4 – Marr’s Bar, Worcester
May 5 – Pool World, Neath
May 6 – Black Bull, Dewsbury
May 7 – Retro Bar, Manchester
May 8 – Shades Nightclub, Bridlington
May 9 – Stairway, Glasgow
May 10 – Liberties, Middleborough
May 11 – Club Revolution, Peterborough
May 12 – The Underground, Stoke
May 13 – Intake, Mansfield

June 30 / July 1 – GHOSTFEST, Leeds University

Check out Silent Screams’ video to “Pacific Highway”, taken from their “When It Rains” album:


Check out Villa Rise’s track "Keeper" from their upcoming “Wastlands” EP, out 30 April via Monarch Records:


Violet sign to Small Town Records and release The Brightside EP on 16 April

Front running UK rock label Small Town Records is very excited to announce signing 2012 Redbull Bedroom Jam hopefuls, Violet. The seven piece alt-rockers’ debut eight track EP, “The Brightside”, will be released on 16 April.

Having launched and developed rising UK stars While She Sleeps, Heights and 2011 RBBJ runners up The Hype Theory, Small Town has an impeccable track record of finding great bands, and Violet are no exception. Label manager Pete Weeks comments:

“We signed Violet because they are awesome musicians and awesome people, who as a band promote everything this label stands for”

The Brightside” EP, made up of five main tracks with three bonus tracks, is a gripping introduction to this exciting new act. Each song is filled with layers of melodic guitars, euphoric synths and dual vocals that range from luscious close harmonies to hardcore abrasion creating a huge sound, that at times feel more like an alternative rock orchestra, than simply a band.

Violet’s early influences stem from likes of Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance and Saosin, but as they grew, their love of a huge range of styles from movie soundtracks to RnB, have molded their sound into something all together quite unique.

Check out their video to “Perspectives” here:



Track Listing:

1) The Bright Side
2) Youth, And Those Who Keep It
3) …But Have You Heard Of Me
4) Perspectives
5) Seven For A Secret
6) Everyone Will Listen (bonus track)
7) Just Like Summer (bonus track)
8) Away From Everything (bonus track)

Violet release “The Brightside” the week they play Hit The Deck Festival, alongside the likes of Kids in Glass Houses and Deaf Havana. The band then head out on the road around the UK; first off in Scotland with Lights out Dresden, and then the rest of the UK with Attention Thieves and Stars Of The Search Party.


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Slam Cartel Interview

Just before heading up to Hammerfest in Wales, James caught up with Steve from Slam Cartel and asked him a few questions about the upcoming festival

1.       Hey Guys How’s it going?
         Groovy!! Wild and crunchin!

2.       For those who don’t know, can you describe the Slam Cartel sound?
Hard rock punky metal… We currently have our new single ‘Wishing Eye’ ‘A’ listed on Planet Rock, our album ‘Handful of Dreams’ rocks and it’s available at www.slamcartel.com, go check it out!!

3.       You’re just about to play Hammerfest in Wales, How does this feel?
An honour. I love Wales. The Welsh were the first people to settle in Britain, they came from Troy, and Britain itself is named after Brutus, their king. They were here even before the Kelts. Which puts immigration into context. I might retire there. Or Nepal.

4.       You’re on at the same time as Waylander and Chimaira. How do you think you’ll compete?
Music is not a competition. We’re three different bands so people will watch what they want, or just stick around ‘cause they’re too lazy to move. I’m personally disappointed that I’m going to miss those bands, they’re both fantastic.

5.       What bands are you most looking forward to seeing?
Looking forward to Lawnmower Death and hoping to catch Cerebral Bore.
I’ve also heard a rumour that three members of a certain Birmingham band have got pissed off with their singer’s missus and are playing a secret show here with William Shatner on vocals... Actually, I started that rumour but it’s not catching on.

6.       How do you prepare before doing such a major show?
Rehearse, argue, check the equipment, argue, double check the equipment, have a big argument, give up trying to be prepared and hope for the best.

7.       Are there any rituals performed for luck before hitting the stage?
      Myself and Marc(Bass and Axe) like to bring a Buddha statue, but sometimes we   forget and bring a pineapple instead. It’s called Bob. He’s becoming a mascot. He’s been onstage with Rage Against the Machine, and has his own facebook page.

8.       Have you got any other shows lined up for this year?
Not yet, we’re working on it, being self funded makes it difficult but we are determined to get around the country.

9.       Anything else you would like to add?
Be excellent to each other, think for yourself, question authority and check us right out!

10.   Thanks for taking the time to do this interview and we will see you in the pit!
Your welcome, beam me up scotty!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Echoes to release pre-album EP for free!‏

Echoes have revealed today that they will be releasing their debut EP ‘With An Eye On The Shoreline & A Hand In The Sea” for free download on Monday 26th March. The EP features 3 tracks from the quintets forthcoming album, which is due to be released later this year and includes breath taking single ‘Leaving None Behind’.

Vocalist Joshua Thurbin said “We feel these tracks show the vibe of the album and give people the opportunity to hear what we have been up to over the last year. We're proud of all of the tracks but we've kept our personal favourites for the album, which will be released later this year!”

Catch Echoes on the road in the UK on:

March 26th - Hydrant, Brighton
March 27th - The River Rooms, Stourbridge
March 28th - Pool World, Neath
March 29th - B2, Norwich
March 30th - Unplug (18+), Birmingham
March 31st - Marrs Bar, Worcester
April 1st - Edge Of The Wedge, Portsmouth

Watch the video for Echoes latest single 'Leaving None Behind' below or from their Facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/echoesuk

Modern Day Escape Under The Gun Review

When I first read through the press release for the album, first thing I notice is that they have an ex-member of Black Veil Brides on drums, I was sceptical to say the least. Now don’t get me wrong, I do like BVB, but I’m also aware that they have a very commercialised sound, as I have to admit, I was expecting the same from Modern Day escape.

To be honest, my first impression wasn’t wrong, they have a very commercial rock sound, much like BVB, but they lack the bite to match up to their bark. Their music is good, don’t get me wrong, but it lacks the bite to keep the listener motivated.

There are some very good tracks such as the ballad “voiceless” and “playing the victim” with has a feel which is very reminiscent to Escape the Fate. Unfortunately the rest of the songs just don’t add up to the rest of the album, and these sparks of genius are few and far between.

Overall this is an OK album, not brilliant, but not bad either, just slightly bland. I was expecting a bit more from the band I have to admit. This is just a commercial bit of cock rock that would sound right at home on sunset Boulevard.


Ghostfest 2012 announces nine more killer bands!

Ghostfest have added nine more killer bands to the bill for the two-dayer at Leeds University Students Union on 30 June / 1 July, including Golden God nominees TRC and Heights, as well as the relentlessly fierce Feed The Rhino and metalcore favourites Bury Tomorrow!

(Bury Tomorrow)

Brotherhood Of The Lake, Prowler, Broken Teeth, Brutality Will Prevail and All Teeth have also been added to the bill.

They join Emmure, All Shall Perish, Comeback Kid, Defeater,The Haarp Machine, Silent Screams, Departures, Polar and Continents.

Tickets cost £35 Weekend / £25 Single day, available at http://www.impericon.com/uk/ghostfest.html / seetickets.com / ticketline.co.uk / leedstickets.com / Crash Records / Jumbo Records..


Dubai based progressive rockers ABSOLACE, have released their debut video for I Am, So I Will. The track comes from the band's forthcoming second album, Fractals, which is released worldwide on March 26. Featuring ten hauntingly beautiful tracks, the album is an emotionally-rich opus, mixing soaring melodies, crunching riffs, thought provoking lyrical themes and atmospheric soundscapes akin to bands such as Karnivool, Porcupine Tree and Tool.

View the video here: http://youtu.be/oqOHPvt-8Yo

Singer Nadim Jamal comments: "The song is about making the best of your life, with the knowledge that all the events around you are guided by nothing more than chaos – an infinite and unpredictable string of causality, a chain of events. However cautious we are, however we try to guide our lives down a certain path we never know when tragedy can strike or the exact opposite, when good things will happen. For this reason we just have to do our best to enjoy the experience, make the best of it all – whether it's an up or a down."

The video was filmed on location in Dubai by Director, Cyril Eberle, Ben Pritchard (Director of Photography), Daniela Paula (Producer), Reni Kleinow (Editor), Emanuel Koydl (Editor Animations) and a team of motion designers.

Since the bands inception in 2008 and release of debut album Resolve[d] in 2010, the combination of ABSOLACE’S intense, dynamic live shows and professional standard of musicianship has enabled the United Arab Emirates band to gain a large and loyal following across the Middle East. This has enabled the band to play at festivals including Formula 1 Festival in Abu Dhabi, Byblos Festival in Lebanon and the Peace One Day Live Festival, whilst also opening for large bands such as Anathema and 30 Seconds to Mars.


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Absolace- Fractals review

The Middle East has only recently started opening up its gates for a flood of metal imports from those territories. I think it’s time that the Western World pay attention to what comes out of these countries. Absolace are from Dubai, and their particular blend of Progressive rock and Metal really struck a chord with me.

There isn’t a lot of technical showing off, which is rare for a progressive band now days, it’s more about the grooves and the atmosphere they give when mixed with the soaring vocal hooks. Sometimes it’s when the instruments are at their most basic that the music and actual skill of the musicians comes through.

The way the band skips between some groove riffing to the atmospheric clean passages is top notch, and these guys can write songs! I was just completely blown away by what these guys were coming out with and with so many twists and turns in the music, it always surprised me, no matter what direction they took.

With the entire album coming in at just under an hour, this was an hour of intensely enjoyable listening. I felt myself just becoming lost in the music.

Overall this is an absolutely amazing piece of work and I absolutely love it. I recommend it to everyone who loves a bit of groove or ambience to their music.


Hope Dies Last-Trust No One Review

Italian screamo rockers Hope Dies Last flex their musical muscles on their latest release Trust No One and show that they are trying to bridge gaps in genres as there hasn’t been a really good screamo band in recent years. However unfortunately the band fall short off this ideal, and seem like a mix between Aliases and Bring Me The Horizon, which isn’t a good comparison. Both these bands have their own thing going on, and Hope Dies Last seem to want to be both off them at the same time, with the mix of clean and screamed vocals and slight technical complexity mixing with auto tune and breakdowns. Written down like that it is enough to make me shudder.

However it doesn’t sound to awful on listening, it just sounds like a mix-mash of different genre’s, which generally becomes confusing and gives me a headache after listening for extended periods. One of the main aspects that I didn’t like was the sound of auto tune being used on some of the vocals. I despise Auto tune at the best of times and hearing it following such a mish mash of genres was the last straw for me on a band that I may have ended up liking slightly.

As you can tell I didn’t enjoy this album too much, it sounded too much like such a mix-up off so many genre’s it didn’t know where it was going.


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bloodloss- The Struggle Review

England is definitely becoming the hotbed for new talent in recent years, and Bloodloss is no exception. Toted as “UK's answer to Shadows Fall” by Planet-loud.com I find it hard to disagree with this statement. With soaring chorus and brutal breakdowns, this is a band who likes to mix the heavy with the melodic, and do so without wearing out their welcome.

This is music to bang your head to, and get into the pit. It just makes you want to move. It has the gang chants, the sung choruses, breakdowns, the whole shebang. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on, as they have all the making of a band who will go far.

There isn’t much negative to say about this album, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it, each song seemed to bring something fresh to the table, and they all had the relentless energy that would make them a live behemoth. This is Metalcore at its finest and definitely a band I’m keeping my eye on in the future


Abazagorath- Chris Warhead Interview

Having recently released their debut self titled EP, Abazagorath have been quite a hot topic of press in the underground metal world. James Merrett caught up with Chris Warhead to talk about the new EP 

1.      Hey Warhead, how’s it going?
Hails James. Things are going good the new EP is finally out thanks to Bill Connolly and NoVisible Scars and Abazagorath continues to write new material for our next full length. We are also preparing for our live assault of the east coast for the month of April to promote the new EP.

2.       So for those who don’t know, explain to us Abazagorath’s sound?
I think that is hard to pin down into a simple catch phrase. When we started out, we did so under the direct influence and inspiration of the early 90s Norwegian / Swedish Black Metal scenes as well as the original early to mid 80s Black / Thrash movement. While we still refer back to these points of inspiration, we are not content to churn out a mere re-hash of these styles, but are trying to build up on the influences to create something that is not so simple to classify as just stereotypical Black Metal.

3.       Why the name Abazogorath? What does it mean to the band?
Short and simple Abazagorath is “The Spirit Of Hate For Mankind” Solitude and Misanthropy Loneliness, depressions and death. These are views I still hold true to this day.

4.       Can you give those of us not familiar with yourselves a brief history off the band?
This cancer called ABAZAGORATH was first diagnosed in the spring of 1995. I don’t want to bore everyone reading with 17 years of inane bullshit, so here are the highlights…. Our first release was the “Channelling the Ethereal Moons” 3 song MCD which we released ourselves in January 1996. We recorded 2 demos that year as well, leading up to our signing with Elegy Records. The resulting effort, the 13 track “Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus” CD came out in March 1997. In 2001 we recorded 7 tunes that would later appear on “The Spirit of Hate for Mankind” 7″ record (Blood Fire Death Records – July 2002) and the “Enshrined Blasphemer” MCD (Agonia Records – October 2003 ) We finally got around to recording the second full length, “Sacraments of the Final Atrocity” in February 2004, and it saw the light in late March through Morbid Wrath. In 2005 we recorded a 3 song split with Bloodstorm “Ancient Entities Arise” which was not released until 2008 on Elegy records.

5.       You’ve just released a self-titled EP, how have you found the reception?
Well since this week is the official release date the few reviews I have read have been excellent. I believe you said “I don’t have a single negative thing to say about this album, which is rare. I absolutely loved it.” I am sure there are haters out there as usual and will eventually come out. But Fuck Em we will continue to write and play what we like.

6.       How does the writing process go for you guys?
Back in the beginning of ABAZAGORATH we would get together at my house drink beers, smoke weed drink more beer and come up with guitar riffs and once everyone agreed on the riffs I would then add drums to the music and eventually these riffs turned into songs. Nyarlathotep would then write the lyrics and we would figure out the vocal patterns from there.
 However the writing process for this new EP was completely different from what I was used to. For this release Maelstrom and I began writing this EP in January 2011 through emails. He was in VT at the time and I am in NJ. He had all the songs written with and without drums.  I would upload the tracks without drums to an Ipod and play along to the riffs adding my own drum style to the music. Maelstrom would come home every couple of months and he and I would jam at my house rehearsing and getting the material tight. Eventually in May he returned home and we began teaching Nyarlathotep and Ciemnosc the music and began jamming as a band again preparing for our recording in July. Nihilist was sent a demo recording Maelstrom and I recorded with the lyrics since he is on the other side of the country.

7.       You’ve been at this a long time now, how do you keep things fresh in the writing?
Well actually since we have gone through numerous guitar players over the years (to many to count) I believe each ex individual has brought something different to Abazagorath. This is what I believe makes each of our releases have a different sound and feel to them. But we have always stuck to our original goal in creating our own style of BLACK FUCKING METAL.

Brining in Maelstrom also keeps things fresh with the band because he is constantly writing material. He already has then next album written and we already have 3 songs completed. He is dedicated to the music and to Abazagorath which I respect. We both have the same work ethic which makes the writing process a lot easier.

8.       Abazagorath is the first release on No Visible Scars, what made you go with them?
 Actually Diabolist Services was originally supposed to put this out as a CD first and then on vinyl. But Kevin fell to some hard times because of the economy and was unable to meet our deadline. I gave him as much time as possible but could not wait any longer. We can’t thank Kevin enough for helping Abazagorath getting this EP recorded. Don’t be surprised if you see this re-released on vinyl in the future. So long time metal brother, friend and Abazagorath fan Bill Connolly wanted the opportunity to put this out on his label. This guy has some rare Abazagorath demos from 95 that I don’t even own. Bill was real easy to work with. I sent him the artwork created by (Worthless Endeavours), pictures and lyrics and told him what I wanted for the layout and within 2 weeks he had everything completed. This is why the release date was bumped up and not pushed back like most labels do. All HAIL NoVisible Scars.

9.       What is your opinion on the current American black Metal Scene
I believe nowadays that we are oversaturated with so called black metal bands. I hear a lot of bullshit being released from people’s home computers that just sucks. Don’t get me wrong there are some newer bands I do enjoy FAMINE (NJ), IPSISSIMUS, PTAHIL, WOE). But I am an old school guy who supports bands that were there since our inception in 1995 such as Profanatica, Black Funeral, ABSU, Demoncy, Thornspawn, Bloodstorm , and December Wolves.

10.   And the current worldwide Black Metal scene?
There are some great black metal bands from different parts of the world and too many to even mention. I personally have been a huge fan of French Black metal in particular with bands like ANTAEUS, HELL MILITIA which we had the pleasure to share the stage with in 2004. 

11.   Will you be coming over to destroy England anytime soon?
I have no plans on crossing the pond as of yet nor have I had any offers to help me out with getting there. We did play England in 2004 with Demoncy and Krieg and had a killer time. The responses from all the Europeans on that tour could have not been better. I would like to be able to tour Europe again or if not at least play some fests in the near future.

12.   Is there anything you want to add?
We appreciate the support and the interview.
Abazagorath will continue writing our next full length album entitled “The Satanic Verses” I believe this material will be our best work yet. I already have several labels interested in putting this out but Abazagorath will continue to shop it around. Any labels interested please contact me through our facebook page. We will be doing a mini tour of the East coast in April so check out our Reverbnation page for dates. New t-shirts and CDS are available as well. Beware the second coming of ABAZAGORATH... The future looks dark...Arrogance & Wrath. www.facebook.com/Abazagorath666 www.reverbnation.com/abazagorath

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Vera Grace- Rotations EP Review

Metalcore is a genre tag that generally fills me with dread, much like djent is beginning to. It now takes something pretty special for me to turn around and say I like something in these genre’s. Vera Grace have that something, or at least the beginnings off it.

Whilst I can hear many MANY other bands in Vera Grace’s sound (killwitch, Atreyu, BFMV to name 3 straight away) They do have something that resembles the beginning off their own sound. They have some pretty good and catchy melodies and the guitar work is pretty damn good. If they were to move away from the signature sounds off their peers and worked more on their own sound, this would be a pretty damn good EP.

However it is the sounding like other bands which is bringing the sound down slightly, as I keep on thinking I could be listening to those bands instead, which is a shame, as Vera Grace do have something here and I it was expanded upon, it would be something great.

Overall it is a good EP, it just needs a little work doing to it, and for it to move away from other bands sounds.


Your Kid's on Fire- Chainsaw Devil Review

When I first looked at this album, my original thought was – “Bloody hell, 32 tracks????” Then I saw the length of each one and the majority of them are under a minute in length, then the rest of them are rarely over 2 minutes. After then looking at the length off the tracks I looked at the names off the songs…. Yep I knew what I was in for. A mix of cannibal corpse and Napalm Death. With track names such as “Random Rape and Disembowelment”, “Siamese Slut Slasher” and “Captured for Sex” it was easy to see where I got this idea.

My initial prediction was indeed correct. This was Napalm Death meets Cannibal Corpse with a side of B movie horror and just plain evil thrown in for good measure.  The tracks are fast and brutally unrelenting. At the beginning of each track, there is an outtake from some B movie horror or other, which generally tells you how the song will go, even if you couldn’t guess from the names.

Now for the negatives and unfortunately there are a couple. This is a band that seems to want to make it on joke song names, and whilst yes I did laugh at some of them, the majority seem to be put in for shock horror value than for more inspirational reasons. There are a few covers thrown in as well, with 2 of them being Napalm death, one Death and Mortician and a few others as well. This just seems like unnecessary padding to an already bloated album.

I also got bored quite quickly listening through the album, the main thing keeping me entertained was the B movie horror interludes before each and every song. It did make me want to look up where some of the quotes came from, so it did a good thing I suppose.

Overall- not a good album, and one I could quite easily gloss over and not miss it at all.


Friday, 2 March 2012

7 HORNS 7 EYES release free instrumental track download!


Seattle's progressive death metallers, 7 HORNS 7 EYES, have released an instrumental version of ‘Divine Amnesty’, for free download via Basick Records soundcloud site.

Click here to get the free track: http://soundcloud.com/basickrecords/7-horns-7-eyes-divine-amnesty

Never interested in trends, 7 HORNS 7 EYES have fought the challenge of forging a distinctive musical identity by bringing a fresh sound to a genre that many would argue has gotten stale. Stripped of vocals, the instrumental track is rich with atmosphere and showcases the band’s technical proficiency and tasteful restraint.

Guitarist Aaron Smith explains: “We think that ‘Divine Amnesty’ has a pretty cool flow and identity even without vocals, and want to let people soak it up it in a slightly different way! Hope you guys dig.”

The track is taken from the forthcoming debut album, Throes of Absolution, which is released across Europe on April 23rd via Basick Records. Featuring a guest appearance by Jeff Loomis (ex-NEVERMORE) and already leaving a media buzz in its wake, with Dom Lawson of Metal Hammer magazine stating “This takes progressive death metal to a new level of pulverising grandeur. Love it!” and Metal Sucks’ declaring it as one of the “Albums That Will Fuck Your Face Off In 2012”.

Hammerfest chalet deposit scheme

My view on the entire Hammerfest/New Britannia shambles that has the majority of fans up I outrage.

For those of you who have not heard, Hammerfest and New Brittania are now asking for a £100 deposit for the rooms AFTER the deposit and tickets have been fully booked. The official Press statement is below

Apartment Security deposits

New Britannia conditions of contract after their refurbishment, dictates, you will be required to leave £100 security deposit on apartments. This can be paid in 2 ways. We can swipe your card on pre authorisation or you can pay in cash on arrival – cash is then refunded on checkout once rooms have been cleared. Card pre authorisation will expire a week after check in. We apologise for any inconvenience but do remind everyone this is standard Britannia policy for all customers.

Now the fact that this is standard Britannia policy I understand, that’s all fine and dandy. The thing that gets me angry is the fact that this is announced 2 WEEKS before the start of the festival, and nowhere when booking the tickets was this mentioned whatsoever. So therefore the terms of the contract has been changed, so therefore would this make the verbal contract everyone agreed to when paying null and void as there has been an alteration without both parties consent as at no-time did I remember hearing that they can make an alteration to the contract without both parties consent.

However to move away from the legal jargon, and to back the unfavourable view here, I can understand New Britannia’s trepidation as I remember going last year and watching people throw themselves off the roof off the chalet’s onto their beds and smashing the beds. HOWEVER this was the only group I witnessed doing this in the entire weekend, and they were evicted straight away, and the majority off the people were stood their checking their inventory checklists or informing security. So this sort of behaviour is not condoned even by the “unruly” metal heads.

It is not the payment I object to, it’s the timing off the introduction. If this was introduced for the next Hammerfest, I would be happy to pay it, but 2 weeks before the start is a bit much to ask for people to find the cash.

My advice to everyone-
Do the pre-authorisation on the card, as the cash is not needed on hand, take a camera and take photo’s before and after showing the room in its previous and current site, don’t throw parties in the chalet’s, throw them on the green. And when it comes to checking out, make sure you find out all the relevant information about the cancellation of the pre-authorisation.

Apart from this little blip I really hope everyone enjoy’s the festival and doesn’t let this put a dampner on the festival.

Sydney punks Villa Rise relocate to the UK and release free EP on Monarch Records

Hailing from Sydney Australia, hardcore punks Villa Rise took a massive leap of faith when they relocated to England to make their mark on the UK scene, and with the release of their “Wastelands” EP and high profile shows in the pipeline, the gamble has paid off.

Set for release on 30 April for FREE via Monarch Records, “Wastelands” features six tracks of honest, emotional hardcore songs, as rich in melody as they are in aggression, with an overall sound of passion and honesty. The raw driving rhythm section, fuelled by discordant, metallic riffing and atmospheric arpeggio work provides a powerful vehicle for the spine-tingling heartfelt vocals. With the overall message that happiness is a state of mind, the EP tells a story of a young man who descends into madness, because of his inability to accept the positives and in his life.

Taking influence from the likes of Defeater, Alexisonfire and Comeback Kid, the band’s roots are firmly in hardcore, but through tireless hard work and experimentation, they have crafted their own unique melodically abrasive sound. Check out the stream of ‘Keeper’, taken from the "Wastelands" EP:


Track listing:

1 - Fracture
2 - Keeper
3 - Blindeye
4 - Wastelands
5 - Villains
6 - Shadows

With numerous tours and festival appearances in the pipeline, Villa Rise have a busy year ahead of them, and it all kicks off next month on a weekender with Napoleon:

16 Mar – Black Bull, Dewsbury
17 Mar – The Ivy, Sheerness
18 Mar – The Barfly, Camden

Having toured Australia countless times with the likes of Oh, Sleeper, House VS Hurricane and Antagonist A.D to name a few, Villa Rise have built up a strong and loyal Australian fan-base, so leaving their home was a very tough decision, but one they had to make. Vocalist Jarrod Martin explains:

“We relocated to the UK for personal reasons as individuals; we all wanted a fresh start from our lives and to experience new things, but also the UK music scene is thriving, so it would great to be a part of it. Not to mention that and geographically speaking there are heaps of new people all really close together compared to what we’re used to!
Australia was great to us and it is our home, but we want to experience the rest of the world too.”

Primed to take on the UK and Europe in 2012, Villa Rise release “Wastelands” on 30 April via Monarch Records.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Betraeus to support Xerath and Scar Symmetry in the UK

“Betraeus are without a doubt another shining addition to the UK undeground”
Lee MacBride, Terrorizer 

Photo - Don Jackson-wyatt 

Fast rising progressive death metallers Betraeus have announced they will join Xerath as support for metal titans Scar Symmetry on the UK leg of their tour. This continues the band’s busy tour schedule following their headliner of Ireland and their recent slot supporting death metal masters Decapitated.

Betraeus frontman Chris Sykes comments:

"We're absolutely ecstatic to be touring alongside Scar Symmetry and Xerath, We're fans of both bands and you can safely say the shows will be a real mixed night of modern metal. Make sure you get down to one of the dates!"


18 March – Purple Turtle, Camden, London

Molten Magazine sponsored headliner in Ireland, with support from Spires

22 March - The Blind Pig - Limerick
23 March - The Pint - Dublin
24 March - The Limelight - Belfast

Supporting Xerath and Scar Symmetry

09 May - Academy 2 - Islington
10 May - Moho - Manchester
11 May - Academy 2 - Bristol  

UNEVEN STRUCTURE kick off European tour with PROTEST THE HERO // Live Rig Video‏

After releasing their debut album 'Februus' to widespread critical acclaim in 2011, getting ambient in a forest for their debut video 'Awaken', touring with Chimp Spanner and TesseracT, and raising the roof at the Basick Records/HMV label showcase in London in February, French progressive heroes, UNEVEN STRUCTURE, are set to embrace Europe when they hit the road for the first time in 2012 in support of PROTEST THE HERO, which kicks off tonight in Stuttgart.

In preparation for tonight's opening show, the band have released tongue in cheek, stress relieving footage of their live rig set up, during pre-tour rehearsals from deep within a nuclear bomb shelter in Switzerland, which can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/9OlivkOLxZM

Showcasing one of the main reasons which makes UNEVEN STRUCTURE rise head and shoulders above their contemporaries, is video footage of their world class vocalist, Matthieu Romarin, rehearsing during a one shot, live vocal performance, to their track Buds which can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/dZx1jKUDfJo

The seventeen date tour w/ Protest The Hero, Long Distance Calling, Blood Command and Uneven Structure kicks off tonight in Stuttgart and visits the following places:

29/02 Universum - Stuttgart, Germany
01/03 Trix - Antwerp, Belgium
02/03 CF10 University - Cardiff, UK
03/03 0² Academy 2 - Birmingham, UK
04/03 Corporation - Sheffield, UK
06/03 Whelans - Dublin, Ireland
07/03 Club Academy - Manchester, UK
08/03 O² ABC2 - Glasgow, Scotland
09/03 O² Academy Islington - London, UK
10/03 Helling - Utrecht, Netherlands
11/03 Logo - Hamburg, Germany
12/03 Chez Heinz - Hannover, Germany (only with Long Distance Calling)
13/03 Festsaal Kreuzberg - Berlin, Germany
14/03 Arena Wien - Bezirk-Landstrasse, Austria
15/03 Backstage Halle - Munich, Germany
16/03 Conne Island - Leipzig, Germany
17/03 Colos Saal - Aschaffenburg, Germany
18/03 Matrix - Bochum, Germany

UNEVEN STRUCTURE will then tour throughout their native France, with TEXTURES on the following dates:

28/03 La Laiterie - Strasbourg, France
29/03 Secret Place - Montpellier, France
01/04 Connexion Café - Toulouse, France


Veil of Maya- Eclipse Review

Djent is a word that is becoming overused in the metal community for any music that is complex. However in a way it is slightly fitting for certain types of music. Veil of Maya is definitely one of these bands as you can hear a lot of Meshuggah (Where the term “Djent” originates from) in their sound.

Featuring some blistering metal, demented rhythms, and deranged vocals, Veil of Maya are absolutely insane. Combining technical metal with passages of insane death metal, they produce the listener with a huge wall of sound of complete insanity. This is music to bang your head to and then not be able to move your neck the next day.

The musicianship is astounding, and the mix between complexity and brutal death metal is flawless. This is a band that knows that relying on technical mastery isn’t just what you need. You need to be able to write catchy songs as well, which The Veil of Maya do. They might not be sing along catchy, but you will be remembering the riffs for days to come.

Overall this is a very good effort from the Veil of Maya, and it is off no surprise that they have just finished a tour with Trivium and In Flames. Definitely a band to watch out for.


The Hype Theory- You're Going Home Alone Single Review

The Hype Theory have just released their new single You’re going home alone which includes an acoustic version of the song, plus the single they released on valentine’s day, the piano version of Where We Started.

To start with, this single was the fans choice, where he Hype Theory did a poll on their facebook page a few months ago asking what their new single should be, and this was the fans choice. You’re Going Home Alone is a good upbeat pop punk song. There’s not much else to say really, it’s got the catchy hooks needed for single status and when they play it live everyone knows the lyrics.

Now onto the new stuff, the acoustic version of the song, this puts a completely different take onto the song. It makes it sound a hell of a lot more melancholic and sad, which is one of the things I love about this band, they can put a really dark twist on an upbeat song. I love this new version and will be putting it on repeat.

The part that annoys me slightly is the final song, the piano version of Where We Started as they did their valentine single of the song, and people paid for it, thinking it limited edition, and now they can get it as part of the single. Whilst I appreciate that the handwritten notes on the case of the valentines single are special, I can’t help but feel slightly cheated. I would have preferred for them to re-record a new song in this style.

Overall this is a very good single, and whilst the music is amazing as always, I still feel slightly cheated.