Thursday, 8 March 2012

Hope Dies Last-Trust No One Review

Italian screamo rockers Hope Dies Last flex their musical muscles on their latest release Trust No One and show that they are trying to bridge gaps in genres as there hasn’t been a really good screamo band in recent years. However unfortunately the band fall short off this ideal, and seem like a mix between Aliases and Bring Me The Horizon, which isn’t a good comparison. Both these bands have their own thing going on, and Hope Dies Last seem to want to be both off them at the same time, with the mix of clean and screamed vocals and slight technical complexity mixing with auto tune and breakdowns. Written down like that it is enough to make me shudder.

However it doesn’t sound to awful on listening, it just sounds like a mix-mash of different genre’s, which generally becomes confusing and gives me a headache after listening for extended periods. One of the main aspects that I didn’t like was the sound of auto tune being used on some of the vocals. I despise Auto tune at the best of times and hearing it following such a mish mash of genres was the last straw for me on a band that I may have ended up liking slightly.

As you can tell I didn’t enjoy this album too much, it sounded too much like such a mix-up off so many genre’s it didn’t know where it was going.


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