Thursday, 8 March 2012

Absolace- Fractals review

The Middle East has only recently started opening up its gates for a flood of metal imports from those territories. I think it’s time that the Western World pay attention to what comes out of these countries. Absolace are from Dubai, and their particular blend of Progressive rock and Metal really struck a chord with me.

There isn’t a lot of technical showing off, which is rare for a progressive band now days, it’s more about the grooves and the atmosphere they give when mixed with the soaring vocal hooks. Sometimes it’s when the instruments are at their most basic that the music and actual skill of the musicians comes through.

The way the band skips between some groove riffing to the atmospheric clean passages is top notch, and these guys can write songs! I was just completely blown away by what these guys were coming out with and with so many twists and turns in the music, it always surprised me, no matter what direction they took.

With the entire album coming in at just under an hour, this was an hour of intensely enjoyable listening. I felt myself just becoming lost in the music.

Overall this is an absolutely amazing piece of work and I absolutely love it. I recommend it to everyone who loves a bit of groove or ambience to their music.


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