Tuesday, 29 November 2011

BLOTTED SCIENCE mastermind Ron Jarzombek publishes instructional video ahead of European EP Release‏

October 28, 2011 - BLOTTED SCIENCE guitarist/mastermind Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWER, TERRESTRIAL EXILED, SPASTIC INK) has released an instructional video for the song 'Cretaceous Chasm' from the band's "The Animation Of Entomology" EP which can be viewed at this location http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVyUHFl0iB8 . In it, the guitarist explains the application of the twelve-tone system devised specifically for the writing process of the EP, which will be the subject of a forthcoming DVD, titled "Dissecting Bugs."

States Jarzombek: “I’ve been mentioning this ’12-Tones In Fragmented Rows’ system in interviews and it seems that even non-musicians are interested in it, so I put together this video to give listeners some insight on how it all works. I thought it would be best to break this all down into its most basic theoretical form, and play examples of its use. I chose to post the basic guitar tracks to "Cretaceous Chasm" because it is the simplest song on the EP and is the easiest to grasp theoretically. The song will also appear first on my upcoming instructional DVD, "Dissecting Bugs", where I will go in-depth with all of the 12-tone theory, and play all guitar parts on all songs from the EP. Things do get a bit complicated when melodies and solos are laid on top of the note groups, but we’ll get to all of that good stuff on the DVD." More information about the sample video, including the transcription/tabs, can be found athttp://www.ronjarzombek.com/CretaceousChasmTab1.html

"The Animation Of Entomology", which also features the talents of bassist Alex Webster (CANNIBAL CORPSE, HATE ETERNAL) and drummer Hannes Grossmann(OBSCURA, TERRESTRIAL EXILED), will get its European release via UK-based Basick Records today, November 28. The follow-up to the band's highly acclaimed 2007 "The Machinations Of Dementia" full-length album was produced and mixed by Ron Jarzombek and recorded in San Antonio, Texas; Tampa, Florida; and V. Santura's (OBSCURA, TRIPTYKON) Woodshed Studios in Landshut, Germany where the drums were cut. Mastering duties were once again handled by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, DESTRUCTION) at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark.


Creataceous Chasm video:

Vermicular Asphixiation video:

Ingesting Blattaria video:

Friday, 25 November 2011


Pravus are a Progressive Death Metal band from Guildford, Surrey, whos Music is a mix of both Mastodon and Opeth, with parts of Cannibal Corpse and Nile thrown in for good measure. If you put progressive Metal, Death Metal with a light sprinkle of acoustic beauty into a blender, you would come away with Pravus.

Their music ranges from death metal blast beats with Danny and Richard’s insane vocals before meandering into progressive territory with Danny showing there is more to the man than hair with his beautiful voice and playing.

Pravus consists of Danny Page (Guitar/Vocals), Richard Vincent (Bass/Vocals), Iolo Hughes (Drums) and Paul Gill (Guitar)

Having recently rounded out the year headlining The Star in Guildford for their charity gig, the band are currently recording their debut EP which is due to be released sometime next year and are looking to smash open some new eardrums with gigs coming up in the new year.

This is definitely a band to look out for in the next year.

More info on the band can be found here.

A preview of one of the tracks on their upcoming EP can be found here

Painted Black- Cold Comfort Review

Painted Black are a mix of My Dying Bride and Opeth, and it is quite literally a pairing made in heaven (or hell as it were). The music is depressingly gloomy and heavy. The mix of piano led movements which are depressingly haunting and the heaviness of the guitar parts make this a very interesting mix.

The mix of progressive and gothic metal makes this a hauntingly beautiful piece of art which I would love to listen to in a dark room with the curtains pulled and lights off. With lyrics such as Frozen Images, were the only thing I had, to keep me struggling conjure up images of a bleak depressing landscape where you’re sitting in a room with nothing in it but a lonely chair. Cold Comfort is definitely an apt name of this album, it is depressingly sad, but gives a comfort.

The musicianship on this album is without fault and the mix is absolutely perfect which makes this album an absolute definite must have for anyone who is into their prog music and their gothic music.

Overall I cannot find fault with this album, would recommend it to anyone who wants some beautiful gothic music with a hint of prog in their as well. My one warning is just don’t listen to this music when depressed!



BASICK RECORDS is extremely happy to welcome two exciting new international acts to its ever expanding roster: French electro-metal producer THE ALGORITHM and Indian progressive metal band SKYHARBOR!
The signing of these two new acts further cements BASICK's reputation as a solid choice for some of the world's most progressive and forward thinking artists.

The brainchild of talented producer Rémi Gallego, THE ALGORITHM infuses modern metal breakdowns with a menagerie of electronic subgenres such as IDM, chiptune and breakcore to concoct his own potent style of fiercely heavy music.
After a successful premiere of his live show at this years Euroblast Festival, Rémi will now be focusing on playing more shows around Europe, including a BASICK showcase in London, scheduled for early next year.

THE ALGORITHM will release a new single ‘Tr0jans’ (which includes new versions of the tracks ‘Isometry’ and ‘Antikythera…’) and a new, as yet untitled album via BASICK in early 2012.
More details to follow.
Stream the track ‘Isometry’ from the forthcoming single here:

Starting out as a simple bedroom studio project, guitarist Keshav Dhar has seen SKYHARBOR quickly evolve into one of India’s hottest metal prospects, with huge admiration coming in from some of the biggest names in metal worldwide.
An astonishing amount of buzz also surrounded the bands first ever performance at the Bacardi NH7 Festival in Pune, India earlier this month, where they played to over 1,000 people and were one of the weekend’s highlights.

The long awaited debut album from SKYHARBOR promises to be a landmark release for the Indian independent music scene, in no small part thanks to the incredible number of international guest appearances it will see, including the likes of Marty Friedman (ex Megadeth), Daniel Tompkins (ex TesseracT), Vishal J. Singh(Amogh Symphony) and Sunneith Revankar (Bhayanak Maut).

SKYHARBOR will release the debut album ‘Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos’ worldwide via BASICK in early 2012.
More details to follow.
Stream the track ‘Celestial’ featuring Marty Friedman and Dan Tompkins here:


Thursday, 24 November 2011

The First give away a signed Les Paul guitar, merch and goody bags in Sink or Swim EP pre-order prize draw

Cambridgeshire melodic rockers The First are getting into the Christmas spirit by giving fans who preorder their new “Sink or Swim” EP a chance to win a Les Paul guitar, signed by the band.

The first 100 pre-orders will be entered into a prize draw for the guitar, with four runners up winning an exclusive The First T shirt and a Small Town Records goody bag. And as if that wasn't enough, ALL of the first 100 pre-order copies will be individually hand numbered and include a signed post card.

The First explain:

The EP is The First's first release since the highly acclaimed “Swimming With Sharks” album released in 2010 and concludes a crazy 2011 which has seen them tour with Mandrage, Deaf Havana, Lower Than Atlantis, and make an appearance on the Rock Sound stage at Hevy festival.

The video to single 'Kicks' will hit the TV channels this November.

Sink or Swim is available to pre-order as of this week, so get in there now for a chance to win one of the great prizes and guarantee a copy of the hand numbered edition! Sink or Swim will released on 4 December on Small Town Records.

Chimp Spanner to release 'All Roads Lead Here' EP on 6 Feb 2012

Progressive metal multi-instrumental virtuoso Paul Antonio Ortiz, aka Chimp Spanner, will be further raising the bar of the sonically epic with the release of his stunning new 'All Roads Lead Here' EP on 6 February 2012, via the pioneering BASICK label. In addition to the CD and digital formats, a strictly limited edition clear transparent vinyl version will be available, with the exclusive addition of the 'Supereroremix' EP.

'All Roads Lead Here' features six new tracks, which in true Chimp style, range from the luscious and beautiful to the twisted and sinister, with the stunning three-part centrepiece 'Mӧbius' showing off his immense talent for gripping arrangements. And as expected, the EP flows like a groove driven atmospheric sci-fi soundtrack, as Paul himself explains:
"I'm really happy with how the EP turned out! It was kind of hard at first to find a sound that progressed and evolved nicely from At The Dream's Edge', but I think making some of the songs a bit darker helped to set them apart from all the glossy futurism of the previous album. The three part song, 'Mӧbius', is still spacey and sci fi inspired (as you can tell from the awesome artwork by Daniel Wagner), but it's also got some more personal themes going on too. I hope you guys enjoy this record - I can't wait to get out there and play it!"

The vinyl exclusive 'Supereroremix' EP features remixes of the opening track from the critically acclaimed 'At The Dream's Edge' album by a diverse collection of producers – Chuter, TimfyJames, The Algorithm, and Tanuki. With versions ranging from ambient chill-out to driving drum n bass, this is a powerful and unique collection of tracks; a must listen for all those with a taste for rocked up electronica. Check out The Algorithm remix here:

'Dark Age of Technology', taken from the EP, will also be available on Basick Records' exclusive Amazon sampler, which will be available for free on www.amazon.com from 12 December.

Chimp Spanner hit the road throughout Europe with prog-metal legends Cynic from 3 December, and five signed advance vinyls will be available at each show on a strictly first come first served basis - get there early to avoid disappointment!

Tour dates:

Sat 03.12.11 The Village, Dublin, Ireland.
Sun 04.12.11 Limelight, Belfast, UK.
Mon 05.12.11 The Underworld, London, UK.
Tue 06.12.11 Trix, Antwerp, Belgium.
Wed 07.12.11 Baroeg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Thu 08.12.11 Divan Du Monde Paris, France.
Fri 09.12.11 Kiff, Aarau, Switzerland.
Sat 10.12.11 Rock'n'Roll Arena, Romagnano Sesia (NOVARA), Italy.
Sun 11.12.11 Gala Hala, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Mon 12.12.11 Arena, Vienna, Austria . 
Tue 13.12.11 Club 202, Budapest, Hungary. 
Wed 14.12.11 Randall, Bratislava, Slovakia.
Thu 15.12.11 KD Kyje, Prague, Czech Republic.
Fri 16.12.11 Cassiopeia, Berlin, Germany.
Sat 17.12.11 Kleine Freiheit, Osnabrück, Germany.
Sun 18.12.11 Templet, Lyngby, Denmark. 
Mon 19.12.11 Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany.
Tue 20.12.11 P60, Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Silent Screams- When it Rains Review

When a press release even mentions Killswitch Engage or the metalcore scene I generally go straight on the defensive and am wary about the music as I have received some very generic metalcore bands through.

However Silent Screams managed to surprise me by being pretty damn good, with some heavy riffs that pound the listener’s ears. It mixes clean and heavy sections as well and they have more of an edge to them than the majority of metalcore bands. It seems like they stray more into a bit of death metal territory before jumping back in with the clean singing. This mix makes the clean side of the music a lift and makes it seem like there is more of a juxtaposition between the two.

The one thing that puts me of slightly about the music is that the screamed vocals seem a bit muddy in the mix, which seems to dampen the overall effect. Would have been better for me if they cut through a bit more.

However the clean vocals more than make up for this and are definitely the highlight off the album for me. They incorporate soaring melodies over some crushing riffs.

If you are after some good strong Metalcore- look no further. However if Metalcore isn’t your thing this is probably an album you won’t be picking up anytime soon. Overall a damn good debut album and will definitely be looking forward to see what they do next.


Metal Underground Streaming The Entire New Album From Norway’s The Fallen Divine “The Binding Cycle”

This week Metal Underground is streaming the stunning debut release from Norway’s The Fallen Divine in its entirety.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) at Sonic Train Studios, “The Binding Cycle” is a striking and thunderous album, offering a mesmerizing amalgamation of diverse influences such as death metal, black metal, symphonic metal and folk music.

Brace yourself for this thunderous and monster storm coming from Norwegian lands.

To check out "The Binding Cycle" via Metal Underground, point your browser HERE.

The new record can be ordered from the band at: fallendivineband@gmail.com

"If you are looking for a progressive alternative to all the melodic death metal that is out there these days, you should definitely give The Binding Circle a listen or two."SEA OF TRANQUILITY

"The Binding Cycle by The Fallen Divine is a very pleasant introduction. The song material is solid and convincing and the overall presentation is nothing less than professional." ALTERNATIVE MATTER

'The Binding Cycle' track listing:

01. Dissension
02. Shades of Oppression
03. Fire Lights the Night (Self Ignition)
04. Patterns Through Eternity
05. Northern Lights
06. Replenished
07. The Tormented One
08. The Binding Cycle

The Fallen Divine
Magnus Kvist - Vocals/Keys
Magnus Haugo - Guitar
Markus Charras - Guitar
Christoffer Wig - Bass
Alex Stebbing - Drums

Friday, 18 November 2011

SILENT SCREAMS release making of video for 'Til There's Nothing Left'‏

UK based metallers SILENT SCREAMS have announced they are to release a new video later this month for their track 'Til There's Nothing Left' taken from their debut album 'When It Rains'.

Whilst on set the band put together exclusive footage that not only takes you through the making of the video for the track but gives fans a taster of the video to come. Shot by prolific music videographers Sitcom Soldiers and featuring the stunning Suicide Girl - Stephy Gregory.  You can view the making of video here:http://youtu.be/d2CnC8jnztk

Comments SILENT SCREAMS front man James Ryan: "The whole experience was brilliant, we had such an awesome day. Never having worked with anyone at the level of Sitcom Soldiers, it was amazing to be in such a professional environment. Although most of the day was freezing, it was worth it to be in such a good location for our video. Our label, Sitcom Soldiers and Front/Suicide Girl model Stephy all did a great job. I can't wait for you guys to see it!"

Since their debut album was released in October via Ghost Music, SILENT SCREAMS have been busy filming their new video and getting ready for their upcoming tour with Suffokate which kicks off on the 20th November. The video and track 'Til There's Nothing Left' will be released this month on iTunes to round off a succesful year for the band. 2012 is already looking busy with the band confirmed for a further tour early next year and a summer of festival appearances. 

November Tour Dates

Nov 20th -  Westcoast Bar w/ Suffokate,  Margate, United Kingdom
Nov 21st -  The Underworld w/ Suffokate,  London, United Kingdom
Nov 22nd -  The Well w/ Suffokate, Leeds, United Kingdom
Nov 23rd - The Crauford Arms w/ Suffokate, Wolverton, United Kingdom
Nov 24th - Sin City w/ Suffokate, Swansea, United Kingdom

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Achren - The Forgotten King Review

Achren just released their debut album which they released themselves. For a thrash/black metal album it is surprisingly well produced and for a debut the album the songs are of a pretty high quality.

If you put some death metal, thrash metal and black metal into a blender sprinkled with some outstanding musicianship, death growls and quality song writing, the outcome would be Achren. Listening through I can find no bad tracks on the album, which is a rare occurrence for me. Each track consists of quality black/thrash metal and provides the listener with an intriguing listen.

For an album which is labelled under black metal, this album is surprisingly well produced with the vocals cutting through the mix cleanly and when the solo’s kick in you really notice it. The only thing I would wish for is a bit more bass in the mix to give the lower end that extra kick to the listener’s ear drums.

My favourite songs on the album are Fury of the Northmen and Impaled, as these are the two songs which show Achren at their ball busting best. They are two brilliantly well-crafted songs that just assault the listener and leave them begging for more, which thankfully Achren deliver. As I mentioned before there is no bad songs on the album. The songs vary from focusing more on Black Metal style riffing to some relentless thrash, and the two mix brilliantly.

There are a few niggling complaints though, and they are that some of the songs are just too short, I want to hear more and they just stop. The other is that they don’t do enough to stand out from the crowd of thrash/death metal bands and could easily become lost to the void if they don’t provide something extra special to distinguish themselves.

Overall this is a ball crushing, intense listen that is extremely enjoyable, with few flaws. Definitely a band I will be keeping an eye on in the future.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Nami- Fragile Alignments Review

Hailing from Andorra, Nami are a relatively new band that apparently spent three years crafting their sound in the mountains of the Pyrenees, and damn am I glad they finally emerged.

In general I am not a huge fan of Prog Metal, it’s a genre I like to visit every now and again, finding that sometimes there’s a band or an album out there that blows me away and that was certainly the case with Nami.

The album Fragile Alignments took me by the horns and led me on a journey of epic proportions with beautiful melodies and brutal riffs that caress you like a lover then splatter your brain on the wall like a shotgun. Possibly my favourite thing about good Prog is when the music adequately reflects the emotion or message in the name of the song, such as when I first listened to “Awakening from Lethargy” and actually felt like coming out of hibernation after a long winter.

I always love albums with a concept and this seems to goes through the elements of matter, anti-matter, earth, wind and fire, though I noticed a curious lack of water in there it didn’t make a difference when it came to the actual sounds that portrayed each of the songs.

The production on this album is excellent, all the instruments are levelled perfectly and there doesn’t seem to be anything left behind in the mix. A rare occurrence for first releases but a welcome one that really makes Nami stand out amongst the crowd of new music entering the market in the last year or so.

I think my favourite song on this album was “Cosmical Beginning – Air” as it begins like a swirling tempest and was easily one of the most evocative tracks on the album.

Overall this album really shone for me, a great start for the band and hopefully a glimpse at more great music to come from them. I cannot wait to see these guys live and look forward to more Andorran Prog in the future!


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ex Man Must Die drummer joins Scottish Underground legends Zillah‏

Drummer Matt Holland (ex Man Must Die) has joined underground Scottish extreme band ZILLAH. Alongside Matt, the band has announced the additions of a new guitarist, Rob Coverdale who joins existing members Roddy Anderson (Vocals/Guitar) and Tim Rasmussen (Guitar).

Matt commented"I'm looking forward to working with ZILLAH, a band that has stuck to its guns regardless of trends and now feels like the right time to be involved. With the addition of new members, the skill level is through the roof and some of the patterns and structures involved in the newer material present a challenge that I'm really excited to take up.”

The band has released practise room footage of Matt working through new material from their forthcoming album which can be viewed on their Youtube account. 

ZILLAH released the critically acclaimed album ‘Substitute for a Catastrophe’ in 2006, (currently available via Relapse Records) before going on hiatus due to line up issues. With the new line up in place the band has written an album worth of material and will enter the studio shortly to record. A demo track is available to listen to here.

Zillah have the following upcoming shows:
19th November – Anstruther, Scotland, Legends Bar (with Scordatura)
20th November – Glasgow, Scotland – 13th Note (with Co-Exist)
15th December – Edinburgh, Scotland – Sneaky Pete’s (with Cancerous Womb)
1th March – Edinburgh, Scotland – Bannermans (with Fleshgod Apocalypse)

Further dates to be added - the band have lined up several high profile support slots for 2012 including festival appearances which will be announced in the new year.

Aliases preview live video ahead of first UK tour

Aliases preview live video ahead of first UK tour

Manchester based ALIASES have released live video footage filmed at their recent Euroblast Festival appearance, as they get ready to take their unique brand of progressive tech metal on the road for their first full UK tour in little over a weeks time - with Textures and The Ocean (sponsored by Terrorizer Magazine).

View the fan filmed footage on the bands YouTube account here: http://youtu.be/jCXBImSJc1I

Comments guitarist Pin: "After recently tearing it up at Euroblast in Germany, we are well and truly ready and in the mood for the Textures and The Ocean tour. Having known the Textures boys for several years now and talking about, but never managing to hook up a tour, the time has finally come and we are definitely going to make the most of it. If you've bought our EP 'Safer Than Reality, then get out to support us at a show near you, we want a huge Aliases turnout and we'll see you at the front, for plenty of partying!!"


25-11-2011 GARAGE, LONDON
29-11-2011 02 ACADEMY 2, NEWCASTLE
01-12-2011 02 ACADEMY 2 , BIRMINGHAM

For tour info and where to buy tickets - visit ALIASES tour page

Check out ALIASES official video 'What's Left For Us?' - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMF41D8h1kE and visit them on facebook- facebook.com/aliasesband

Italian metal heros Hopes Die Last release stunning video to new single 'Unleash Hell'

Italian metal hero's Hopes Die Last release stunning video to new single 'Unleash Hell'

Following their highly successful UK tour with Attack Attack!, Italy's Hopes Die Last release the stunning video "Unleash Hell", taken from their much anticipated second album, due for release early 2012 on Standby Records.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Turisas with Support from Chthonic and Kiuas live review

Sunday 13th November and we were standing waiting in the freezing cold to see Turisas at Sub89 in Reading. This was the second time within a month we’d have seen Turisas and I have to admit, I was looking forward to this one much more than the last time. I was not disappointed.

Kicking off the night were Kiuas, who despite their singer being trapped in Finland, put on an amazing set, and their guitarist can sing! If they hadn’t told the crowd their singer was missing I wouldn’t have guessed (Having not known of the band beforehand) he was that good.

Onto the music, and it was pure power metal, with songs such as Warriors Soul and The Decaying Doctrine providing a brilliant start to the evening and really setting the mood for the rest of the night. Technically they were absolutely amazing  and I couldn’t hear many, if at all, wrong notes. As mentioned before, with the singer being missing and the guitarist having to step in, I was amazed by this.

They are definitely a band I will be checking out again

Chthonic followed and again I was completely blown away. For me these were the best band of the night, though it was a tough choice. They were amazing, they had a huge stage presence and their music was absolutely brutal. Also the fact that they actually used an erhu live to go with the music definitely made it all a lot more interesting.  

They played a mix of songs from all of their albums so they also knew to cater to all fans, and during the show and afterwards they made themselves extremely approachable.

Again this wasn’t a band I knew to much about beforehand, but when I got home I looked everything up on them and bought Tasakago Army from them, so they definitely touched something within me.

Finally Turisas were on, and they nearly got best band of the night for me, but I was just so blown away by Chthonic. As I mentioned before this was the 2nd time I’d seen them in a month (with the first being at Heidenfest on the 11th October) so I knew what I was getting and I was not disappointed.

They played a mix of songs from The Vangarian Way and Stand up and Fight! And a few from Battle Metal, which provided the crowd a good mix of songs. They played all their classics such as Holmgard and Beyond, Stand up and Fight, Battle Metal and their cover of Boney M’s Rasputin, which as the venue has a disco ball, was even better with the funky disco lights.

At the end of the show, the entire band walked forward and shook hands with the audience members which was a surprise, but a pleasant one. Definitely increased my respect for them.

Only disappointing part of the entire show for me was there were some complete idiots in the crowd, who chucked a bottle which struck Warlord Nygard in the face, which although he took it in good grace, was completely disrespectful to the entire band. This put a slight dampener on the entire affair for me.

Overall however, I cannot complain, as was an amazing night, Will definitely be checking all the bands out in the future.

Kiuas- 7/10
Chthonic- 9/10
Turisas- 8.5/10

Hype Theory and Last Minute reviews

It was a Friday night, and having suffered from a bout of man-flu all week I was looking forward to a night at the Guildford Community centre and a chance to see some local music plus the up and coming The Hype Theory.

Last Minute

Being a fresh new Guildford band and having not written any of their own music yet it was nice to hear a lot of songs that I recognised already, such as Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Jimmy Eat World, but it’s a shame not to hear original songs as the female vocal had a gritty and visceral quality, something that’s lacking a bit in the industry at the moment.

The bands sound was more grungy than most of the bands they covered, which gave them a certain rough around the edges quality which worked well in their favour, but at the same time made me yearn for something original.

In the way of constructive criticism I’d say that they need to not let the bassist sing, either he wasn’t getting the notes right or he was throwing of the lead vocalist off when they were harmonising during “Bad Romance” but it just sounded unpleasant and ruined the song a bit.

A great setlist and very well thought out, all the songs worked in the bands favour as well as showcasing some of the young talent, my favourite song of the set was by far and away “Your Guardian Angel” which was a perfectly chosen song to end on.

Overall, it was nice to see a new band on the Guildford scene and I look forward to hearing some original tracks, as Adrienne the lead vocalist has promised will be written in the near future.

I have to agree with will on nearly every point, except the choice of ending song, as Your Guardian Angel is a bit depressing and I would rather off ended on Bad Romance personally but that is just me.

Now onto Hype Theory-

I’d previously listened to this band and had gone out and bought the album and both singles, which for me is rare, as I usually just listen to artists on Spotify, so I knew the night was going to be special. The crowd had an amazing atmosphere when they started off with their single “Kid at Heart” you could feel the energy coming from both the band and the crowd, and this atmosphere carried on for the entire night.

One part that truly amazed me though was how relaxed Hype Theory were with their crowd interaction, giving the mic to people in the crowd for them to sing lines off songs, giving high fives and giving a guitar pic to the crowd for them to strum the guitar during then final song. If they keep on with this sort of interaction I foresee them becoming huge in the near future.

They didn’t play a note wrong and I was very impressed with the quality of the way they played and treated it like it was a much bigger venue than it actually was, which leads me onto my only complain of the night, which is I only wish that they had played a bigger venue as they deserve a much bigger stage than a community centre.  I will definitely be catching these guys live again when they tour the UK at the end of the month.

I'm just waiting till I can go and see The Hype Theory again, what a band, what a set and what a gig, let’s see them climb higher and higher.

Last Minute- 8/10
Hype theory- 10/10