Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Silent Screams- When it Rains Review

When a press release even mentions Killswitch Engage or the metalcore scene I generally go straight on the defensive and am wary about the music as I have received some very generic metalcore bands through.

However Silent Screams managed to surprise me by being pretty damn good, with some heavy riffs that pound the listener’s ears. It mixes clean and heavy sections as well and they have more of an edge to them than the majority of metalcore bands. It seems like they stray more into a bit of death metal territory before jumping back in with the clean singing. This mix makes the clean side of the music a lift and makes it seem like there is more of a juxtaposition between the two.

The one thing that puts me of slightly about the music is that the screamed vocals seem a bit muddy in the mix, which seems to dampen the overall effect. Would have been better for me if they cut through a bit more.

However the clean vocals more than make up for this and are definitely the highlight off the album for me. They incorporate soaring melodies over some crushing riffs.

If you are after some good strong Metalcore- look no further. However if Metalcore isn’t your thing this is probably an album you won’t be picking up anytime soon. Overall a damn good debut album and will definitely be looking forward to see what they do next.


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