Monday, 14 November 2011

Hype Theory and Last Minute reviews

It was a Friday night, and having suffered from a bout of man-flu all week I was looking forward to a night at the Guildford Community centre and a chance to see some local music plus the up and coming The Hype Theory.

Last Minute

Being a fresh new Guildford band and having not written any of their own music yet it was nice to hear a lot of songs that I recognised already, such as Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Jimmy Eat World, but it’s a shame not to hear original songs as the female vocal had a gritty and visceral quality, something that’s lacking a bit in the industry at the moment.

The bands sound was more grungy than most of the bands they covered, which gave them a certain rough around the edges quality which worked well in their favour, but at the same time made me yearn for something original.

In the way of constructive criticism I’d say that they need to not let the bassist sing, either he wasn’t getting the notes right or he was throwing of the lead vocalist off when they were harmonising during “Bad Romance” but it just sounded unpleasant and ruined the song a bit.

A great setlist and very well thought out, all the songs worked in the bands favour as well as showcasing some of the young talent, my favourite song of the set was by far and away “Your Guardian Angel” which was a perfectly chosen song to end on.

Overall, it was nice to see a new band on the Guildford scene and I look forward to hearing some original tracks, as Adrienne the lead vocalist has promised will be written in the near future.

I have to agree with will on nearly every point, except the choice of ending song, as Your Guardian Angel is a bit depressing and I would rather off ended on Bad Romance personally but that is just me.

Now onto Hype Theory-

I’d previously listened to this band and had gone out and bought the album and both singles, which for me is rare, as I usually just listen to artists on Spotify, so I knew the night was going to be special. The crowd had an amazing atmosphere when they started off with their single “Kid at Heart” you could feel the energy coming from both the band and the crowd, and this atmosphere carried on for the entire night.

One part that truly amazed me though was how relaxed Hype Theory were with their crowd interaction, giving the mic to people in the crowd for them to sing lines off songs, giving high fives and giving a guitar pic to the crowd for them to strum the guitar during then final song. If they keep on with this sort of interaction I foresee them becoming huge in the near future.

They didn’t play a note wrong and I was very impressed with the quality of the way they played and treated it like it was a much bigger venue than it actually was, which leads me onto my only complain of the night, which is I only wish that they had played a bigger venue as they deserve a much bigger stage than a community centre.  I will definitely be catching these guys live again when they tour the UK at the end of the month.

I'm just waiting till I can go and see The Hype Theory again, what a band, what a set and what a gig, let’s see them climb higher and higher.

Last Minute- 8/10
Hype theory- 10/10

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