Saturday, 3 March 2012

Your Kid's on Fire- Chainsaw Devil Review

When I first looked at this album, my original thought was – “Bloody hell, 32 tracks????” Then I saw the length of each one and the majority of them are under a minute in length, then the rest of them are rarely over 2 minutes. After then looking at the length off the tracks I looked at the names off the songs…. Yep I knew what I was in for. A mix of cannibal corpse and Napalm Death. With track names such as “Random Rape and Disembowelment”, “Siamese Slut Slasher” and “Captured for Sex” it was easy to see where I got this idea.

My initial prediction was indeed correct. This was Napalm Death meets Cannibal Corpse with a side of B movie horror and just plain evil thrown in for good measure.  The tracks are fast and brutally unrelenting. At the beginning of each track, there is an outtake from some B movie horror or other, which generally tells you how the song will go, even if you couldn’t guess from the names.

Now for the negatives and unfortunately there are a couple. This is a band that seems to want to make it on joke song names, and whilst yes I did laugh at some of them, the majority seem to be put in for shock horror value than for more inspirational reasons. There are a few covers thrown in as well, with 2 of them being Napalm death, one Death and Mortician and a few others as well. This just seems like unnecessary padding to an already bloated album.

I also got bored quite quickly listening through the album, the main thing keeping me entertained was the B movie horror interludes before each and every song. It did make me want to look up where some of the quotes came from, so it did a good thing I suppose.

Overall- not a good album, and one I could quite easily gloss over and not miss it at all.


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