Saturday, 10 March 2012

Slam Cartel Interview

Just before heading up to Hammerfest in Wales, James caught up with Steve from Slam Cartel and asked him a few questions about the upcoming festival

1.       Hey Guys How’s it going?
         Groovy!! Wild and crunchin!

2.       For those who don’t know, can you describe the Slam Cartel sound?
Hard rock punky metal… We currently have our new single ‘Wishing Eye’ ‘A’ listed on Planet Rock, our album ‘Handful of Dreams’ rocks and it’s available at, go check it out!!

3.       You’re just about to play Hammerfest in Wales, How does this feel?
An honour. I love Wales. The Welsh were the first people to settle in Britain, they came from Troy, and Britain itself is named after Brutus, their king. They were here even before the Kelts. Which puts immigration into context. I might retire there. Or Nepal.

4.       You’re on at the same time as Waylander and Chimaira. How do you think you’ll compete?
Music is not a competition. We’re three different bands so people will watch what they want, or just stick around ‘cause they’re too lazy to move. I’m personally disappointed that I’m going to miss those bands, they’re both fantastic.

5.       What bands are you most looking forward to seeing?
Looking forward to Lawnmower Death and hoping to catch Cerebral Bore.
I’ve also heard a rumour that three members of a certain Birmingham band have got pissed off with their singer’s missus and are playing a secret show here with William Shatner on vocals... Actually, I started that rumour but it’s not catching on.

6.       How do you prepare before doing such a major show?
Rehearse, argue, check the equipment, argue, double check the equipment, have a big argument, give up trying to be prepared and hope for the best.

7.       Are there any rituals performed for luck before hitting the stage?
      Myself and Marc(Bass and Axe) like to bring a Buddha statue, but sometimes we   forget and bring a pineapple instead. It’s called Bob. He’s becoming a mascot. He’s been onstage with Rage Against the Machine, and has his own facebook page.

8.       Have you got any other shows lined up for this year?
Not yet, we’re working on it, being self funded makes it difficult but we are determined to get around the country.

9.       Anything else you would like to add?
Be excellent to each other, think for yourself, question authority and check us right out!

10.   Thanks for taking the time to do this interview and we will see you in the pit!
Your welcome, beam me up scotty!

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  1. Yeeees! That does sound like our Steve.. Adam Lee (Slam Cartel)