Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Echoes- With an Eye to the Shoreline and A Hand to the Sea- Review

Echoes have just released a preview to their new album With an Eye to the Shoreline and a Hand to the sea for FREE!! So Metal Junkie has gone out of our way to review it.

At first listen I have to say that I am pretty impressed by it. Describing themselves as Ambient and Epic, the music itself has a purely cinematic feel, which you can feel working its way through you, relaxing you. However the vocals offer an extreme juxtaposition to this feeling with screamed lyrics over the top, but surprisingly it works well.

This is the sound of an act that is up and coming and offering something a little different to the norm. At only 15 minutes in length it offers up an enticing preview listen to their forthcoming album and gives fans something to be excited about.

This is a very exciting preview and I am definitely looking forward to hearing the full-length, the only thing I wish was that they offered up some clean singing over it, as the screamed vocals do get a little tiring after a while.


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