Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Circles- The Compass EP Review

Circles manage a feat many bands attempt to do and fail miserably, and that is to mesh two genres that generally mix like oil and water. Circles do this extremely well and for the most part the, transition between the two are completely seamless.  At some points it feels like you’re at a club, then you’re transported to another realm completely which consists of jagged timing, brutal guitar playing and soaring vocals.

This is a very good EP with some extremely catchy choruses going into the jagged brutal guitar playing of the verses. The best example is EP opener The Frontline with it’s completely soaring vocals and intense guitar work. This is a band who mix melody and aggression very well.

The techno elements of the tracks are spread out throughout and it offers a different listening experience compared to all the djent bands going around at the moment. The electronic moments aren’t overplayed and the focus is definitely more on the aggression off metal.

For a debut mini-album, this shows some excellent song-writing although there are some sections that sound slightly repetitive in each song, but give the band time and I believe they will definitely be a band to keep an eye on in the future.

James Merrett


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