Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Human Sculpture- Our World/Torn Down review

Having never heard Human Sculpture before; no surprise, this being their first release, I had no idea what to expect from the Finish Five piece, but my god was I in for a treat.

The opening track of “Our World / Torn Down” (The first mini-album release from Human Sculpture) started off quite tame, but within a few seconds I was hit with a wall of drums and the fun began. This mini-album is full of brutality, from the lyrical content, with lines such as “having raped the world a thousand times,” to riffs as hard as a sledgehammer and vocals that would have the population a small French village running for the hills.

The production is very good, everything at the right level to be heard in the right way for the overall tone of each song, and every song a hook to keep me interested, certainly an album I will be re-listening too, I cannot wait to hear more from Human Sculpture in the future. Now if only we could get more bands to take a leaf from the Finnish book of metal…

William D'albertson Young

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