Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Echidna - Dawn of the Sociopath Review

Dawn of the Sociopath. The title says it all really, an album featuring light fluffy pop melodies this won’t be! This is an album chock block full of blast beats, heavy guitars and guttural vocals, and it is as heavy as a bulldozer.

Whilst this is playing, you can hear their influences pretty clearly, with Lamb of God being on top alongside bands such as early In Flames and other death metal acts. The influences are pretty strong on their sleeves, which while it is good to see a band paying homage to some bands, The music needs to be blended a bit better, as there are typical Lamb of god riffs in one song before the next having more of an In Flames sort of feel. This isn’t a bad thing as I love these bands, would have just liked a bit more originality.

However the brutality of this band cannot be denied and their brutal assault on the ears leaves them ringing and your mind beaten. In a good way of course. Which with this sort of music, it’s all you can ask for really and Echidna does it really well.

With song names such as Commanded by Demons and Bloodlust alongside the title track it’s fairly easy for the listener to see where the music is heading. This is death metal at its finest.

Echidna are a relatively new band and I’m really looking forward to where the band is heading.


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