Friday, 16 December 2011

Resurgency Desolator Split Review

It’s really rare to see a split EP now, whilst they were prevalent in the 70’s and 80’s to try and split the cost of the recording budget, nowadays, with all the D.I.Y technology available cheaply, most bands if they can’t afford a studio, do it themselves.

Resurgency are the first band to appear, and they have an old school death metal appeal with a modern touch. The riffs are first rate, the part that put me off was the vocals, and they are just far too generic to be able to stand out alongside all the incoming death metal bands. However this is a rerelease of their 2010 demo “Dark Revival” so if this means that they have something new coming up the pipeline, it remains to be seen.

However Resurgency is the better band on the split, as Desolator left me feeling really cold. Really bad production values made me feel like I was sitting in their rehearsal space along with them with muffled earplugs in. This was just the instrumentation. The vocals were absolutely awfully produced.

Once you look past that however, the music is ok. There’s nothing inspired here but it’s better than I originally thought. It’s just the production value has let Desolator down completely. It’s very unfortunate as with their intro track Conjuration of the watcher it promises a fairly entertaining ride through some death metal. However once Mass Human Pyre kicks in, it just left me feeling cold on the band.

Overall this is a weird one to review, as have never received a split EP through before. To be honest, I would recommend it to get the Resurgency side of it, if you can’t find a copy of the original “Dark Revival” demo, but I’d leave Desolator alone.

Resurgency- 7/10

Overall- 5.5/10 

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