Thursday, 15 December 2011

Top 10 of 2011

As 2011 draws to a close I decided to give you all a list of the top releases this year in my opinion. Some of these are albums I’ve reviewed, others are ones I have just gone out and bought and enjoyed at home. Hope you all enjoy this

10. Blotted Science- The Animation of Entomology EP

This one comes in at number 10, as it just so plain weird and caught my attention, unlike so many other artists out there at the moment.  Whilst it may not be a long EP it packs in so many idea’s that more conventional artists couldn’t hope to match in about 3 albums.

9. Nightrage- Insidious

Nightrage’s Insidious comes in at 9 as its powerful melodies and riffs caught the attention of my ears and made me carry on listening to it after the review. It combines heaviness and melody absolutely perfectly. Also it has many guest performances which flesh out the music as well.

8. Vallenfyre- A Fragile King

Vallenfyre made my list as they produced something so old-school that it defies time. Such an amazing piece of old school extreme music that it knocked me flat. Although the circumstances leading up to the formation of this band weren’t pretty, that hurt and anger has been fuelled into this music and it is a roaring beast that needs to be heard.

7. Black Veil Brides- Set The World on Fire

Now I know I will get some flak for this one, but this band has helped me through some difficult times and it is one of the albums that I haven’t been able to stop listening to. Yes, they may look like Kiss and Motley Crue rip-offs but to me at least their music is inspiring and helps people keep on going. That to me, makes them worthy of being in this list.

6. Aliases- Safer Than Reality

The latest band from Pin of Sikth fame released their debut EP earlier this year, and it is a stormer. Absolute technical skill mixed with some brilliant melodies make this an EP to remember. Definitely one of the best releases of the year.

5. Wednesday 13- Calling All Corpses

Wednesday 13 made a brilliant return last year with Murderdolls and this year brought a return of his solo project as well, and with these it brought a return of the horror punk styling he is known for, after the alt. metal of Skeletons. A brilliant piece of fun music.

4. Evile- Five Serpent’s Teeth

The third album from the lads in Evile is an absolute storm of metal, which assaults the listener’s ears before healing them with a beautiful ballad before ripping them into shreds yet again. This is a thrash masterpiece.

3. Nightwish- Imaginaerum

The latest offering from Nightwish is astounding. For all those naysayers who thought the band was over when first Tarja was fired, then when Annette had her breakdown on stage, they were left sorely disappointed by Nightwish’s latest. It is a brilliant piece of gothic metal and I personally cannot wait for the accompanying film.

1.Five Finger Death punch- American Capitalist and Trivium- In Waves

For the sharp eyed among you, you may have noticed there is no Number 2 in my list. This is because I can’t decide between American Capitalist and In Waves as my album of the year. They are both amazing and they both helped me through some dark times. To me, these are the epitome of music at the moment.

Well I hope you all enjoyed the list, please feel free to comment and tell me who you think should and shouldn’t be in the list. 

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