Saturday, 17 December 2011

Uneven Structure- Februus Review

Februus is an interesting piece of work with a thirteen piece concept running across 2 discs. This is the definitive version of Prog meeting Metal with the mix of clean soothing playing and singing mixing in and around the brutal assault of the poly-rhythmic riffs and growls to create an atmospheric album.

Opening track Awaken  draws you in with some beautiful melodic playing before turning you on your head with the severe savagery of its assault, and for the rest of the album the mixing between the two doesn’t let up and keeps you guessing where the album will be going next. This is what most music is lacking now, you can always tell where the music is going to go now, it’s formulaic. Not with Uneven Structure, with this album they tore up the rule book and wrote their own rules. Having developed this album for over 2 years, it’s little wonder each song is beautifully crafted.

Unfortunately there is a downside to not writing to the normal formula as it feels like there are a couple of sections that meander a little bit too long to stretch the album out a little bit. There are definitely a few sections which could have been left on the cutting room floor.

Overall however, this is an extremely good Progressive Metal album, and if that’s your genre of choice, this is definitely worth a pick up. For those who love sprawling concepts and not being able to track what’s going to happen next- this should be on your must buy list. For those who aren’t that interested? It’s still worth a listen; it just won’t blow you away.


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