Tuesday, 24 January 2012

VEIL OF MAYA (Sumerian) announce new album on 27 Feb and Euro tour plans

Chicago's VEIL OF MAYA are back to lead the charge of the American progressive-deathcore assault, with the release of their mind-blowing third album, “Eclipse”, out via Sumerian on 27 February.

Produced by djent hero Misha Mansoor of Periphery,Eclipse” is a stunningly concise yet diverse metal record, packed full of death-metal chops, tech-metal grooves, progressive arrangements and hardcore rip-yer-throat-out attitude.

The guitar work is as slick is it comes - stunning precision, inventive melodies and tasteful use of technique that will equally impress the muso as much as the metal head. But most importantly, this album is full of so many memorable riffs, rhythms and vocal hooks that you'll be itching to hit play again as soon as it's finished.

Check out the advance album track 'Vicious Circles', which showcases their more brutal side:


And this killer little teaser:


VEIL OF MAYA are a hard touring band who have racked up some serious mileage worldwide over the last few years, and most recently visited Europe in June 2011 for their second time with label mates Born Of Osiris and The Faceless. Currently tearing it up un the US right now with heavyweights In Flames and Trivium, the band will then head to Japan before hitting Europe in April for their first ever headliner! More news coming soon.

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