Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Shattered Skies- Pianomation Review

I recently did a review of Shattered skies debut EP Reanimation (Found here) and this is a follow on remixing off some of the songs from that album and, for once in life, a remix is actually worth going out and getting. This is the EP that makes the synth lines I critiqued in the previous review make a hell of a lot more sense, especially with the inclusion of the actual piano (hence the name)

If the entire debut album comes out as a mix of this EP and their Reanimation EP, it will be the release of the year, absolutely no doubt about it, as this, with the music just stripped down to bare basic’s of the piano and vocals in most songs. 2 of the songs are new and 2 are reworkings of songs from the original Reanimation EP, but my god do they sound different and add a haunting beauty that wasn’t there before.

With all the instrumentation being stripped away, this showcases the bands main strength, the vocal melodies. They are absolutely beautiful and so emotionally I found myself welling up at some points.

I could wax lyrical about this version all day and still not run out of things to say, but the best recommendation I can give people is to go Here and buy both the Reanimation EP and this one. My only complaint about this EP is that it ends. If they do their debut album in this style mixed with the Reanimation stuff, they will have a top-seller on their hands.   


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