Wednesday, 16 May 2012

As My World Burns - Mistakes art Gallery Review

Metal bands from Spain are a rare breed, there are very few I can think off to name, now whether this is due to an enclosed musical climate, or them never breaking out of the local scene. Hopefully As My World Burns is one of the few to break out of their native country and break into the UK Scene.

Featuring both screamed and melodic vocals, As My World Burns features extracts from the metalcore scene as well as fusing it with the progressive genre to create a sonic implosion of sound that keeps the listener guessing. Throwing some djent style riffs down as well, this is a band that is always keeping the listener on their toes.

Featuring songs with names such as “Dali Carried A Melting Clock in His Pocket” and “Water Bears and Jellyfish” you can tell that this band is suitably insane which definitely fits in with their musical style.  They flow from brutal metal to extremely minimalist passages featuring barely any guitar and vocals only.

My one complaint is that the mix needs to be better to get the vocals higher, and that the clean vocals need to be worked on a little bit more, in some tracks they are great, whereas in some others it starts to become a little bit grating over long listening. 

Overall this this is a damn good attempt for an EP and is definitely the building blocks of something bigger. I definitely hope to see more of this band in the future.


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