Friday, 11 May 2012

TesseracT- Perspective EP Review

When Tesseract replaced their old singer with Elliot Coleman, a lot of people were worried about the direction the band were going to take, or even if they were going to implode or fall away silently. However this is not the case whatsoever, with Elliot’s soaring vocals being the main centrepiece of this acoustic EP.

Featuring re-workings of some of their songs off of the album “One” this is a perfect way to show off the new style of the band, and also how diverse they are as instrumentalists as their acoustic reworkings, not just straight ahead metal versions with new vocals plastered over the top. Also showing off the bands varied influences, this also features a cover of “Dream Brother” originally done by Jeff Buckley.

All of these songs show a different side of the band, which with their music predominantly featuring heavy 7 string guitar passages, these songs are beautifully melodic and make good use of Elliot’s voice, which as mentioned before, is definitely the focal point of this E.P. Although that isn’t to understate the value of the other musicians in the band as the transition from metal to acoustic is seamless and it seems like the tracks were written for acoustic performances, not metal. This shows a high-class off song-writing from the band.

Clocking in at 23 minutes  in length, this is a piece of acoustic beauty that many don’t expect to come from the metal scene, and this will be an EP that will divide people heavily as some will want the metal side, whilst others will appreciate the beauty on offer here.


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