Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Decaying- Devastate Review

Death metal is a blessing and a curse. In some circles, if you keep to the old-school blueprint, you’re guaranteed success, then in others if you keep to the old- school blueprint, you’re destined to fail due to the fact that there the people who want some innovation. Decaying manage to hang on the edge of both circles with some fast, old school blastbeats, but then followed by some insanely heavy mid-tempo sections which thud against your ear-drums.

With song names such as Strangled, As The Fire Burns and …To Decay, you can tell straight away what sort of music this band plays, and let me tell you, it definitely isn’t pop. Bordering between modern and old-school death metal, Decaying are a breath of fresh air for the death Metal scene, even for people who aren’t all that interested normally, who only like the big bands. They combine deathly growls and blastbeats with some slower sections which only emphasise the heaviness off this band.  They don’t re-invent the wheel, but their sound is surprisingly fresh.

My one complaint about this band is that some off the songs just drag on, with one song even reaching 15 minutes in length, which for me, is far too long for death metal and the songs gets a bit boring after a while. This is the only point for me which the album gets tedious to listen to, and it is unfortunately quite a big niggle for me.

With all this said however, Devastate is a brilliant album and if you are a fan of Death Metal, it is definitely worth picking up.

James Merrett


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