Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Diamond Plate- Generation Why? Review

For a band that barely has the combined age of 60 (Band average age is 18) Diamond Plate are on  the fast track to success here, with a brilliant thrash album and being signed to Earache Records, where a lot of the more prominent names in the underground metal scene are coming from. In a few years, I think Diamond Plate will be one of those prominent names.

Generation Why? Is a brilliant thrash album, with some pretty outspoken statements and views for a band so young. It seems like they are trying to distant themselves from what their current generation are about. Hence the title Generation Why?

Featuring 10 blistering tracks (plus an intro) this album is an intense, fast- paced album that has cut the fat and just kept the meat. The band seem to mesh influences, with the guitar work being very heavily inspired by the 80’s thrash scene, and the vocals seeming a lot more heavy and modern. They’ve received a fair bit of flak about this, but to me, it suits the music well and gives it that extra edge.

Some stands out tracks for me are the title track Generation Why? And At the Mountains of Madness so if you want to listen to the band before buying the album, look these tracks up on YouTube as they are two of the best representatives of the Diamond Plate sound.

My only complaint is that the majority of these tracks can be found on previous EP releases so for some long time Diamond Plate fans, they will have already heard the majority of these tracks, but for newcomers, this is a brilliant slab of thrash metal.

James Merrett

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