Sunday, 26 February 2012

Abazagorath-Abazagorath EP

Abazagorath were on of the forerunners of the US Black Metal scene and their latest EP does their legacy justice. This is a true work of absolute evil which is being released by No Visible Scars on the 27th Feb (Moved forward from early April due to things moving faster than anticipated).

This EP opens up with some wonderfully dark acoustic playing on the opening track Conjuring. It conjures up images of walking through graveyards on the blackest night. When the full band kicks in, it is a beast of an introductory track with a slow mournful solo towards the end which makes it seem like the after mentioned graveyard has come alive and the living are now dead.

When the EP kicks in proper it is a magnificent piece of black metal, which as I mentioned before, does their legacy proud. As this is their first release after a hiatus, I was expecting the material to be a little rusty, but I was surprised beyond measure, by how intense the music is. This sounds like a band who will take no prisoners.

With songs titles such as The Antigod and Storms of Destruction, you can tell where their lyrical inspiration comes from, and their sound isn’t far from the majestic soundscape which is Behemoth. This is very high praise as Behemoth are one of this reviewers favourite bands.

For people into Black Metal and are looking for some lesser known bands from the origins of the USBM scene, this is the band for them, I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are fantastic, their musicianship is top notch and they are brutal as anything.  I don’t have a single negative thing to say about this album, which is rare. I absolutely loved it.


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