Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Hype Theory Live

I went to see The Hype Theory live at the Garage on the 24th January with my co-writer will for a nice enjoyable evening of pop-punk goodness.

As the venue is quite big, I was expecting the line-up to be a bit more coherent, with their being no other pop-punk bands on the bill, with the majority of the acts being acoustic. Also I was quite surprised that The Hype Theory weren’t headlining, they were only main support to yet another acoustic act. This kinda dampened the atmosphere of the night in a way, as The Hype Theory’s special blend of Pop-Punk goodness would have rounded off the night extremely well, however the night ended up on a bit of a downer due to some of the slow acoustic songs.

On to the Hype Theory. They did not disappoint, playing a blistering set from their album Glory Days. Every song was played perfectly and the crowd were singing along to every song. This is a band that really knows how to get the audience going. This is the 2nd time Metal Junkie have gone to see The Hype Theory and in all honesty, the first time was better in a way as previously it was a more intimate venue so there was more crowd interaction. Nevertheless, The Hype Theory absolutely killed it onstage.

My only complaint is that The Hype Theory weren’t headlining as they would have made a perfect end to the night, but as it was, it was an extremely good night. Definitely recommend going to see them when they next come around to play!

The Hype Theory- 5/5
Overall- 4/5

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