Monday, 16 April 2012

Belligerence- Now Here's Your Secret Review

Portsmouth groove metallers have just released their new EP Now Here’s Your Secret, and I’m left wondering what exactly there secret is as this music is insanely good. Featuring a mix off standard groove metal, with a hint of the stoner and the heavy rock thrown in for good measure, this EP just wets my appetite for more of their music.

This EP is straight ahead fast n heavy which is exactly the way I like my rock n metal, so it invariably appealed to me. The guitar work is frantic but not so much to seem out of control, and with only one guitarist to hold the groove along with the bassist and drummer he does his work exceptionally well, as it never feels like something is missing, like I feel with a lot of other 1 guitar bands when the guitarist goes off into the highs of a solo.

With the gritty vocals which remind me of Godsmack over fast groovy riffs that remind me slightly of Black stone cherry’s harder songs, this is music not to be taken lightly. They even do ballad material style well, with the start of the final track on the EP “Now Here’ Your Secret” sounding beautifully moving and at such a contrast to their heavier stuff.

The only thing that put me off slightly was that during some of the songs, were the gang chants which after a while I grew bored off, but apart from that this is a brilliant slab off groove metal which should quench the thirst for new music for the time being.


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