Monday, 16 April 2012

Censura- The Island Review

Heavy metal meets Electronica. That is probably the best way to describe Censura’s latest EP release The Island. Normally I don’t like this particular type of mix, but somehow Censura have made it work. Featuring the bodywork of music from the djent and the hardcore scenes and having the subtle overtones of the Industrial and Dubstep scenes, this is one melding pot of genres.

Featuring Jay Berast from tech metal up and comers Aliases on their track the Island, this band is not against trying new things. In this case, the final result was definitely a good one with the songs still retaining the neck-crushing brutality of the metal scene and the liveliness of the Electronic scene. This means that whilst your headbanging along to these tracks you’ll unconsciously want to start dancing as well. It is an utter wall of sound being presented here.

Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, it is chock full of brilliant moments, from the piercing clean vocal sections off final track We Have to Hurry to the previously mentioned guest appearance of Jay in the track The Island. This is 20 minutes of blasting metal and electronic excellence.

Overall this is a really good EP, and I would definitely recommend it anyone who likes either metal or Electronic music. Can’t recommend it enough.


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